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About Us

Hello All! Thank you for visiting Beauty Product Reviews website. This website is dedicated to reviewing beauty products.

We are a small group of gals and we love beauty products. We have tried a lot of different brands from many different countries and we would like to share our findings and get your feedbacks on beauty products, skin care products, cosmetics, hair care products, spa products and many other categories.

The world of beauty products is limitless and there are always new products on the market. We started this Beauty Product Reviews website because we ourselves have trouble finding reviews on many of the beauty products we want to try. We search hard online and off line, asking everyone about it on public forums, blogs, and any websites that would allow us to post.

Still, we often came up with not much at all - no realistic pictures, no long descriptions, not many honest reviews from people.

So, we end up trying a bunch of beauty products ourselves and end up having to throw away a lot of them that we were allergic to or did not like somehow. We hope that, through this Beauty Product Reviews website, people can truly share their experiences with products and warn others away from some.

We are not competing with large review sites - we just hope that there will be more people discussing and talking about beauty products. Thank you for visiting Beauty Product Reviews.

~~~~~ Beauty Product Gals