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Body Butter

Some people use a body butter instead of a body lotion, a body milk or a moisturizer. Body butter is usually thicker than a body lotion, body milk or a normal moisurizer. Some people only use a body butter when they have severely dry skin. It is very useful in the Winter when the weather is cold and the skin can become too dry easily and can crack or chap.

Since the explosion of the spa industry, many companies with spa products have introduced many lines of body butter, all with different ingredients or different scents. While most people expect a body butter to be very moisturizing and leave them with soft skin, they also want one that has the best aroma. They can use it after their spa.

While some body butter contain only natural ingredients, some can contain chemicals that some people might be allergic to. Therefore, when shopping for a body butter of your choice, make sure you examine the ingredients first.

Below are some beauty product reviews of body butter.