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BeautiControl Mineral Lotion

Another body lotion to consider is the BeautiControl Mineral Lotion that is light green in color. It is the Spa collection by the direct sale company, Beauti Control.

The Spa Moisturizing Mineral Lotion comes in a bottle of 5.7 fl. oz which is smaller than the Sensaria Natural Bodycare body lotion bottle of 16 fl. oz.

The BeautiControl Moisturizing Spa Mineral Lotion goes very well with other Spa collection products by BeautiControl such as the bath salt. It has practically the same smell as other products in the same collection. So, if you like one product then you are likely to like the others.

However, a lot of people do not like this smell for body lotion. Also, the lotion is rather strong for those with extremely sensitive skin and can cause irritation and rashes. If you are usually allergic to body lotions or skin care products, then you might want to test this one on your hand or wrist to make sure that you are not allergic to it. Although BeautiControl is supposed to have tested it for allergies, some people are allergic to it.

beauticontrol mineral lotion