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Sensaria Mango Body Lotion

Sensaria Natural Bodycare has a line of body lotion that comes in the original three scents plus other scents that have been added over time. For a long time Sensaria Natural Bodycare only had three scents of body lotion; Mango Body lotion, Cherry Almond body lotion and the Green tea body lotion.

Sensaria Mango Body Lotion review

The Sensaria Mango Body Lotion comes in a 16 fl. oz tall bottle with a squirt top. The mango smell of the Sensaria Mango Body Lotion is very mango-ey but it smells fake for those people who actually are familiar with the smell of mangoes. But, if you like tropical fruity smell, this is a good smell to have around.

How about the actual body lotion?

The Sensaria Mango Body Lotion is fast drying. In fact, compared to other body lotion and moisturizers, it is one of the fastest drying body lotion.

sensaria mango body lotion

It dries so fast that you may want to put more on your skin. The Sensaria Mango Body Lotion is light but not as light as some other brands such as L'Occitane or Kiehl's.

It is also heavier than body milk and other light body lotions. Nevertheless, for the price, it is a good moisturizer and bodylotion. It is easy to use and put on all over your body.

You can use this Sensaria Mango Body Lotion as a hand cream as well as foot cream too. It's a multi purpose cream for a lot of people.

The bad thing about the bottle is that you have to push the top down and turn to close it making it hard to close and sometimes your hands are too slippery to close it so you have to either waste the lotion or keep it open.

If you keep it open the very top of the cream will dry up so next time you use it, there will be this hard dried up lotion coming out of the bottle before the cream that you can use.