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St Ives Lotion

My skin is super dry to the point that it gets itchy even during summer. I have tried so many lotion. It gave relief for about an hour only. This went on for so many years until my sister recommended St. Ives lotion with collagen and elastin.

Why I like the St. Ives Lotion with Collagen and Elastin..

St. Ives Lotion with Collagen and Elastin did solve my problem. My skin became filmy, does not crack nor show lines because of dryness. Before the content of St, Ives gets to half of the bottle, I have to replenish it because it sells fast. One time another sister gifted me with another St. Ives product but not of the collagen & elastin type, but it says 24-hour moisture. It also worked wonders for me but my first preference is the one with collagen and elastin.