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Body Scrubs

Body scrubs did not use to be popular but nowadays, more and more people are into spa products and pampering themselves so they appreciate good body scrubs. There are many brands of body scrubs. Some are better than others. The quality of a body scrub can vary significantly from brand to brand. Even the same brand can have quite different quality of body scrubs.

What to look for in a body scrub?

While most people want to buy affordable and cheap body scrubs, some of them may hurt your skin and body and it will not be worth the cost saving. When buying body scrubs, you need to decide if you like sugar body scrubs or salt scrubs or a mixture of both. Bear in mind that you can even make your own body scrubs at home.

A salt scrub is different from a sugar scrub. Some people say that salt scrubs are better for them whereas others prefer sugar scrubs. If you have a wound or a very sensitive skin, you need to try both to see which one works best. The size of the scrub or crystals can be a factor when rubbing onto your skin.

The oil the body scrubs come in also matter. Most people want a sweet scented oil or a particular scent. But, more importantly, they want oil that will leave the skin soft and nice. Some scrubs are in essential oils which many people prefer.

Below are some body scrub reviews: