Beauty Product Reviews


Axe Lightning Body Scrub

What is your favorite body scrub?

The body scrub I use is called Axe Lightning body scrub. It is a gel substance so it glides and blends with the water smoothly causing the suds and the water to efficiently cover the biggest body. It comes in a 4 or 8 OZ bottle but you only need a drop of it on your fingers to cover your hole body.

Why is the Axe Lightning Body Scrub your favorite?

The Axe Lightning Body Scrub is a very invigorating scent. In the morning it wakes you up very quickly and gets you ready for the day!

The suds cleanse your pores getting the dirt and dead skin off very quickly and efficiently.

The smell actually fills the whole room so it wakes you up even quicker.

So many reasons why this AXE Lightning Body Scrub is my favorite! But there are so many body scrub products out there. Different people find different body scrub pleasant. What do you like?