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Meal Scrubs

Instead of using the regular and traditional salt or sugar scrubs, why not try the meal body scrubs. Some people prefer using meal scrubs.

Why meal scrubs vs salt or sugar scrubs?

The salt and sugar crystals in salt or sugar scrubs tend to dissolve relatively quickly, and when used irregularly, do not exfoliate as well as meal scrubs. For me there are definitely benefits to using the meal scrubs.

They also tend to have an oilier base which does not agree with some skin. If you have oily skin, the meal scrubs may be better.

That said, the salt and sugar scrubs smell good enough to eat with flavors like cocoa, banana etc. The meal scrubs tend not to be as yummy smelling, but leave the skin feeling smoother with a less oily finish.

There is some discussion as to whether meal scrubs are potentially damaging to skin. They should definitely not be used on the face, and daily use is probably not a good idea.