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Sensaria Sweet & Smooth

If you are looking for a good body scrub for your bath, the Sensaria Sweet & Smooth is a great product. The Sensaria Sweet & Smooth comes in a semi-big container of 19 oz. This body scrub is gentle on your skin, smells great and will leave your skin oily enough to shave afterward. The Sensaria Sweet & Smooth retails for $25.

The Sensaria Sweet & Smooth review

The Sensaria Sweet & Smooth is a combination of Sea Salt and Sugar that are combined with Sweet Almond Oil for a skin smoothing treatment that leaves the skin silky smooth.

"Dead surface cells are swept away, revealing new, fresh skin. Additionally, the exfoliating action of the Sea Salt and Sugar help Sweet Almond Oil to penetrate quickly, bringing essential moisture to the skin. The naturally uplifting essential oil of Sweet Orange refreshes the skin and the senses. You'll love the way your skin looks and feels." - from Sensaria website.

The truth is that this Sensaria Sweet & Smooth body scrub smells orangey, like sweet orangey with a sweet almond smell (if you know how to detect the sweet almond smell). The sugar/salt crystals are soft on your skin, not like most sugar scrubs that are rough on your skin. Although being a salt/sugar scrub, you should watch out when using this Sensaria Sweet & Smooth body scrub if you have a cut on your body - it however usually doesn't hurt if you have minor cuts. You can scrape your skin with its crystals scrub and still feel great.

The oil that the crystals come in has sweet orangey smell which is soothing and leaves a nice smell in your bath. You can rub both the oil and the crystals on your skin but I wouldn't rub it on delicate/sensitive skin though just in case it's too rough on sensitive skin. Other than that rub away and then rinse with warm water and then your skin will still be oily and soft enough for shaving without having to use a shaving cream.