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There are many great lipsticks made by different companies so we have many liptstick reviews to share. When putting makeup on, the right shade of lipstick is very important. The durability of lipstick is also important. Some people prefer extended wear so that they will not have to reapply the lipstick. Some of them are even water proof so that you can go swimming or wash your face without wiping off your lipstick.

lipstick reviews

Color Matters

When choosing what lipstick to buy or wear, people first look at the color.

Some people prefer bright, vibrant red which is the most common and popular color of lipsticks. Others prefer a more natural look and would go for light pink or a very light shade or any color. Different brands of cosmetics have a selection of different shades of different colors.

Ingredients also Matter

After picking the right color of lipstick, people will then worry about the ingredients. Some lipsticks have lip care properties also which add to their popularity. These lipsticks are usually more expensive. They may contain SPF, vitamins, antioxidants or luxe. People are always looking for the best lipsticks with the best value.

Below are lipstick reviews: