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Clinique Lipstick

Clinique lipsticks are my favorite. There are many great Clinique lipstick colors such as Clinique different lipstick Malibu and the Clinique lipstick Sunrise. The Clinique moisture sheer lipstick silver pink that has been discontinued is great too.

Why do people like lipstick made by Clinique?

Many people like lipstick made by Clinique because of numerous reasons.

First of all the tubes stay nice, don't get loose and come apart in your purse, keep their shine over years, and you can even read the label on the bottom when you want to buy a new tube no matter how long you've had it.

Their lipstick comes in shades that actually look good on people and don't change once you put them on once they have warmed up on your lips.

clinique lipstick

clinique lipsticks

The lipsticks come in a variety that feels creamy and has just enough shine not to look like your lips are melting. The color also stays on well and with a finish of clear lip gloss over the top, stay on a long time even though they aren't that awful kind that has to be scrubbed off of glassware.