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Aveda Foot Relief

Aveda is a major brand in the United States that most people trust. Aveda uses the art and science of pure flower and plant essences so people who love natural products will usually like Aveda products. Aveda has a large collection of products including foot creams. Below is a review of the Aveda Foot Relief.

aveda foot relief

Review of Aveda Foot Relief

The Aveda Foot Relief is a thick foot cream that is white in color. It comes in a tube of different sizes: small, travel size or large, full size.

It does not smell very good according to many people who have used it. While many other companies try to make their foot cream smell more like 'non' foot cream, Aveda Foot cream smells more like a foot cream. It has a strong smell.

However, it is a good foot cream that works to soften your foot, while giving a cool feel to it. It absorbs quickly so does not leave your foot oily afterwards.

aveda foot cream