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Free Samples

Looking for free samples? We have some free samples here that we can send you. Our free samples come from various places including retailers wanting to promote the products they carry as well as from representatives of beauty product companies. All samples are free with no obligations. You will not even have to fill out surveys to get the free samples.

free samples

However, due to the limited supply of free samples, we cannot send out to everyone who asks. Unfortunately, we tried to send out to anyone who asked in the past but found out that some people are not really interested in trying the products.

They are just looking for anything free and in some cases, they did not even know which products they asked for!

To avoid this problem, we ask that you:

  • provide reasons why you want the free samples as well as
  • how do you think this product will help you

We highly discourage anyone asking if they will just be collecting dust on the shelf or be thrown away. After all, these free samples are provided to us by our companies and representatives that want to see or at least be assured that their products got good use.

Please note that currently, free samples are only delivered in certain states. We are working hard to make them available in more states than currently.

To find free samples, see List of Free Samples. You can also read our guideline of how to get free samples. When you are ready, you can fill out the Free Sample Request form. We encourage you to read the how to fill out the free sample form page before you start filling out the form so that you will have the best chance of getting the free samples.