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How to Fill Out The Free Sample Form

Below are Q&A of how to fill out the free sample form as well as the instructions. The key to getting it right is to fill out as much of the form as possible.

How to fill out the free sample request form?

There are two sections of the free sample request form. The top part is about you. You should enter your name, city, state, and the email address where you want us to contact you. Then you have to give either the name of the product that you are requesting or the product ID number.

The second part of the form is very important. You will need to answer the two questions as much as you can and as accurately as you can. The last question about additional information is there for anyone wanting to say something that have not been said in previous answers. The last question is optional.

Once you have answered all the questions, you can click submit.

Will I need to give any personal information?

No. You will not need to give your address or contact information except your email where we can reach you when your free samples or free products are ready to ship. Most people give their name so that we know that we are dealing with a real person. We ask for location so that we know if shipping is available in your area. But, we do not ask for actual address or phone number.

How much in detail should I write?

Most people write in a much detail as they can simply because the more detail we have, the more certain we are that you would really like the free samples or free products. For example, if you simple say 'yes, I need the product, please send it', we cannot be certain why you want the free products and we will have no idea if the product will go to good use. So, please be specific and give details when you write.

How do I know if I will receive the product?

Once we have your form requesting the free samples or products, we will verify if there is shipment going to your area. If there is, then you will be notified by email that you provide and we will ask you where you want the products shipped. Once we receive your answer and the address to ship, we will notify the shipping department. Please note that if we do not currently ship in your area, we will keep your detail on file for when shipping is available in your area, unless you specify that you no longer want the product after a certain date.