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How To Get Free Samples

Getting free samples is easy if you really want them. Below is a guideline of how to get free samples. Please note that, one person can get as many free samples as he or she would want providing he or she satisfies all criteria for getting free samples.

Browse the List

First you can visit the List of Free Samples page to see what free samples or free, full size products are available for grab.

Fill out the form

Then you can fill out the Free Sample Request form telling us the two things:

  1. Why you want the free sample or samples (in another word, What you are going to do with the free samples once you get them.)
  2. How will this product help you? (in another word, how useful is this product to you.)
Why do you need to fill out the form?

We have to ask these two questions so that we will not be giving away free samples or free products to anyone who do not really want them. We hope that if you really want the free samples, you will write in detail why you want them and what they good they will be to you.

Since we are not charging you for anything at all, we hope to be able to tell our sponsors or representatives that their products are going to good use. And, that usually means, telling them where the products are going, why they are going there and how good they will be to people. Sponsors need to be reassured that they are not wasting their money giving away these products.

See Free Sample Guideline for a guideline of how to fill out the free sample form. ***Please note that if you are selected to receive any free samples or products, your answers to the above questions will be shown, in whole or in part, on our website.***

Wait for email confirmation

If shipment is available in your area, you will be notified by email for delivery address. Then the free samples or products will ship to you at no charge to you at all.

Give Feedback

Once you get the free samples or free products, we would appreciate very much if you could come back to our website and give us feedback and tell us what you think of the product or products, using our Product Feedback form.