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Miracle Mane Shampoo

Miracle Mane shampoo is not an average, common shampoo that you may have heard of. In fact, the Miracle Mane Shampoo is not available in most places and most countries. Some people may recall using it years ago.

The Miracle Mane Shampoo came in a big brown bottle with a glittery horse on it. If you want some of its attributes, there is one: The bottle was enormous. It was at least twice, if not three times, as big as a bottle of your Suave or (another type of shampoo.) People love the name as well, "Miracle Mane" -- the reference to hair as a mane, and the idea that this shampoo will perform some kind of miracle on it.

Although most people did not really notice any miracles actually occurred physically, but spiritually many felt very uplifted, and still do to this day, from having used the product.