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Vaseline Lip Therapy

If you are looking for a basic lip treatment, the Vasaline Lip Therapy is one that many people use when they cannot find anything else better to use. This is a review of the Vaseline Lip Therapy Advanced Formula Skin Protectant. The Vaseline Lip Therapy protects dry and chapped lips. The Vaseline Lip Therapy comes in a tiny, travel size tube of 0.35 oz. or 10g. You can find this Vaseline Lip Therapy in most convenient stores and drug stores for less than $1. Note that some people say their lips itch after using the Vasaline Lip Therapy for a while.

vaseline lip therapy

vaseline lip treatment

The only active ingredient listed at the back of this Vaseline Lip Therapy is white petrolatum USP (100%) for skin protectant. The Vaseline Lip Therapy is for external use only.

It temporarily protects and helps relieve chapped and cracked skin and lips as well as protects from the drying effects of wind and cold weather.

When you first squeeze the tube, oil will come out first before the gel comes out. It may be hard to get the gel out especially if you do not want to use a lot of the Vaseline Lip Therapy.

Because there is very little else in this Vaseline Lip Therapy, it is good for anyone with sensitive skin or sensitive lips that usually get allergic to added ingredients of other lip balm or lipsticks or lip treatments.

the gel of the vaseline lip therapy