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Sesame Oil

Do you know that many people like to use sesame oil as massage oil? There is no need to spend a lot of money on specialized massage oil, you can just use sesame oil.

sesame oil for massage oil

What kind of sesame oil is good as massage oil?

Many people like to use the lighter golden colored variety of sesame oil as massage oil. It is a nice consistency, not too slick and not too sticky. It is also feels fairly light on the skin. Many professional massage therapists use sesame oil on their clients and they often comment about how much they like the oil.

Unscented sesame oil vs scented sesame oil + add essential oils

Generally, people use unscented sesame oil but if you like to use scented oils, sesame oil makes a fine base for adding essential oils.

Some also prefer to use massage oils in general rather than massage lotions because massage oils last longer on the skin so you do not have to stop to reapply as often and therefore it is easier to maintain the flow of the massage.