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Reviews on La Prairie

La Prairie is a high end skin care and cosmetic brand. We list our reviews on La Prairie products below. You will find La Prairie products in only high end department stores. La Prairie products are expensive but some of them are so good that they are worth the price. If you have sensitive skin, though, some of the La Prairie products may be too strong for sensitive skin.

About La Prairie

Laboratoires La Prairie in Switzerland is constantly researching areas of anti-aging cellular therapy. Until 1982, Laboratoires La Prairie was part of Clinique La Prairie in Montreux, Switzerland. Laboratoires La Prairie has pioneered many state-of-the-art range of Cellular Treatments. Their products contain essential nutrients to slow down the sign of aging and keep your skin young and healthy looking for as long as possible. Different La Prairie products help different areas of your skin in different ways.

reviews on la prairie

Reviews on La Prairie products

Overall, customers who do not have sensitive skin tend to love La Prairie products. But, customers with sensitive skin have to be careful about what La Prairie products they are using because some of them are strong and customers can develop red patches, redness, rashes, and other allergic symptoms. Many people do not use La Prairie products for every step of their skin care but they use only the products that they are not allergic to and they like more than other equally high end brands. Read some specific reviews on La Prairie products below.