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Clearasil Ultra

The acne treatment / care product that many people really endorse and use on a daily basis is the new line of Clearasil products called "Ultra". The Clearasil Ultra line is really fantastic and I just can't say enough about them.

Why do people love Clearasil Ultra for acne treatment?

There is an entire line of spot treatments, astringents, and facial cleansers to choose from. The items are at a very reasonable price, each being under ten dollars.

 clearasil ultra

What acne problem do you have and how severe & how does this product help you?

Some people have had a problem with acne my whole life and have often found that finding something that works and clears the acne up was a big chore. Usually, the product would work for a week or two and then I'd be back to where they started from. This new Clearasil Ultra line of products has really changed my life and made my skin soft, smooth and nearly acne free. They would recommend it to anyone!