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What is the best acne treatment for me?

I think the best product out there for acne treatment is ProActiv. Before trying the ProActiv for acne, I had tried several over the counter treatments as well as some prescription medication given to me by my dermatologist. None of these treatments cleared up my skin as completely or as quickly as the ProActiv did.

Why I like the ProActiv acne treatment skin care?

I liked the fact that the ProActiv did not cause any stinging, burning sensation, irritation or redness unlike some of the other products that I had tried. Even though it requires some time to apply correctly, I did not mind because it was that good. The ProActiv was a bit costly but again I thought the difference in effectiveness more than made up for the difference in price.

Has anyone else tried the ProActiv products at all? Id be happy to know if anyone else has found a better product for acne treatment...