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Arbonne Cleansing Gel

If you like botanical based products, Arbonne has a cleaning gel that work well on some people. There are a few lines of cleansing gel by Arbonne International but the review below is for the Arbonne Intelligence Not-so-Basic Skin Care Cleansing Gel. We will just call it Arbonne Cleaning Gel for short. The Arbonne Cleansing Gel is made in the USA, formulated in Switzerland and distributed by Arbonne International LLC in Irvine, CA 92618.

Who can use the Arbonne Cleansing Gel?

The Arbonne Cleansing Gel can be used by both men and women. Some men like it whereas women may prefer more of the anti aging cleansing gel that Arbonne also has. Although this is called a not-so-basic cleansing gel, it is one of the most basic lines that Arbonne has. Some say that only people 20 years old or younger should use the Arbonne Intelligence line including the Arbonne Cleansing Gel.

Review of the Arbonne Cleansing Gel

The Arbonne Cleansing Gel comes in a container of 8 fl. oz or 236 ml. This is an easy to use cleaner that does not dry out your skin. This is a basic cleansing gel. Below is a list of ingredients of this Arbonne Cleaning Gel.

How to use the Arbonne Cleansing Gel?

To use the Arbonne Cleansing Gel, apply a small amount on wet hands and cleanse. You can use it in the shower. In the bath, apply with a sponge or wash cloth after wetting skin thoroughly.