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Valmont Regenetic

Valmont Regenetic is a very popular product by the Switzerland based Laboratories Valmont Company. The Valmont Regenetic creme D'Hydratation and Prolongee comes in a container of net weight 1.7 oz. It is a high end skin care product that most people cannot afford. The Valmont Regenetic is a face gel-cream.

Review of Valmont Regenetic Facial Cream

valmont regenetic

The Valmont Regenetic face creme is light weight and was designed to provide skin with a supply of moisture, gradually released into the upper skin layers over a long time thanks to the grafting of DNA and RNA.

It is a good anti aging product.

How to use the Valmont Regenetic?

Use the Valmont Regenetic Creme 2 to 3 times daily. The Valmont Regenetic will replenish the skin's moisture reserves. The Valmont Regenetic can be used on its own or in synergy with Bio Regenetics which is also a Valmont product.

Use the Valmont clear spatula that comes in the box with this Valmont Regenetic cream to get some cream out to use. Do not use your finger.

valmont regenetic

Like the Valmont Eye Cream, the Valmont Regenetic is light and very hydrating. So, it is best for those with dry facial skin, not those with oily skin. If you have oily skin, it can add to the natural oil of your skin making your skin feel even oilier.