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Clinique Facial Bar

A great face wash is the Clinique Facial Bar. Some people really like Cliniques facial bar - it is their first choice for a face wash.

Clinique Facial Bar

Why do people like the Clinique Facial Bar?

For those who have combination skin and it's great on the oily areas and is not too drying on the dry areas. I think the way my skin looks and feels is great. It's really soft. It is a little pricey but I have been using it since high school and am almost 30 now. It also last a long time.

How long does a Clinique facial bar last?

Many people usually go through a bar of it approximately every 2 months. They wash my face twice a day with this Clinique Facial Bar. They also find this facial cleaner to rinse clean. It doesn't leave any residue on their faces. It's also hypoallergenic. Really good stuff!