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Sensaria Face Wash for Men Review

The Sensaria Face Wash for Men comes in a plastic bottle of 8.5 oz. or 255 ml. The gel is light, transparent green in color. The bottle is about 6" tall which includes a pump at the top. This Sensaria Face Wash for Men is also a shave gel and it does not come in a box of any kind. The only way to tell if it is new is by examining is the pump has been used. But, you can unscrew the top off to smell without leaving a trace of opening it behind.

Opening and closing the bottle

If you twist the pump anti clockwise, it will spring up and you can then use the gel. To close for travel purposes, push the pump down and twist the top clockwise.


The Sensaria Face Wash and Shave Gel for Men has strong scent. It smells botanical and minty. The smell is refreshing but only if you do not mind strong smell.


sensaria face wash for men review