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Sisley Neck Cream

Below is a review of the Sisley Neck Cream. The full name of the Sisley Neck Cream is Creme Pour le Cou. This is a neck cream with botanical extracts by Sisley Paris. The Sisley Neck Cream comes in a tub of 1.6 fl. oz or 46 g or 50 ml. It is made in France.

sisley neck cream

Review of the Sisley Neck Cream

The Sisley Neck Cream retails for over $100 and can be close to $200 in some retail stores. The cream is not white but light tan or orangey in color. It comes with a Sisley spatula so you will not have to use your hand and contaminate the whole tub.

The smell of the cream is pleasant with a slight botanical, sweet smell. It is not pungent or flowery. You need to use very little of it on your neck. Try just a small dot and spread all over your neck with upward movements.

The neck will turn slightly red immediately after you applied this Sisley Neck Cream but the redness will soon go away leaving your skin moisturized and soft. The cream is absorbed quickly.

The Sisley Neck Cream is specially formulated to help tone skin for a firmer appearance of the neck. The Sisley Neck Cream should be used in the morning after makeup and in the evening before bedtime.