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Alli Tablets

Some people's favorite weight loss product is Alli. Alli tablets are easy to take and some say they are effective for weight loss.

How much is the Alli weight loss product?

Alli is available at any major retailer for about $30 - $75.00 (depending on how many tablets you want).

How to take the Alli tablets to lose weight?

You take one tablet every time you eat. The pill claims that you will lose weight up to 25% faster than dieting alone. The way it works is the pill attaches to the fat that you eat and gets rid of it. What people like about this product is that it is super easy to use. It was easy to remember to take the pills with food and a full glass of water.

alli tablets

Are there any side effects of using Alli tablets for weight loss?

The Alli pills did not have any jittery side effects that you get when you take products like Dexatrim. Some people did have one side effect and that was when they went to the bathroom. The fat that is taken from your food is flushed out of your system via your bowel movements. It was a minor side effect for something that works really well.

How much weight will the Alli weight loss program help me lose weight?

People who followed the program and lost 2 – 3 pounds a week and reached thier weight loss goal.