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Alli Weight Loss

What weight loss product do you find the most effective?

Many people have used many weight loss products over the years from diet pills that suppress your appetite to eating less than 1000 calories a day but the one they are using now seems to work the best and that is the new over the counter product Alli.

What is your experience using the Alli weight loss product?

Alli works by not allowing the body to absorb as much fat as it would otherwise. Alli combined with a low fat diet and regular exercise has helped me lose weight at a much faster rate and all of these reviewers have suffered absolutely no side effects.

alli weight loss

Since Alli works strictly through your digestive system there are no ill effects such as jitters like most diet pills. They highly recommend this product but check with your doctor first before taking it.

When or who should not use Alli weight loss product?

Alli is not recommended for anyone who has had any transplant surgery.