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Vemma Verve

Vemma Verve may not be a typical weight loss product but many people have had success losing weight with the Vemma Verve! Sugar Free. Vemma is a nutrition company focusing on using mangosteen, a tropical fruit most commonly found in Southeast Asia.

Mangosteen is a very healthy fruit and the Vemma juice is a dietary supplement that will keep anyone drinking it healthy as well as providing energy. Vemma Verve is a energy drink line provided by Vemma. Below is a review of Vemma Verve.

Review of Vemma Verve Sugar Free

vemma verve

Vemma Verve drinks come in cans of 8.3 fl. oz or 245 ml each. The drink is very fizzy and is light orange in color. The color and the smell are very pleasant. The drink looks appetizing and the smell is of tropical fruit. If you have ever smelled a mangosteen fruit, the Vemma Verve does not exactly smell like a mangosteen. Some say that Vemma Verve smells better than the original Vemma juice. The smell is not as acidic as a mangosteen's smell. The drink is sweet even though it does not have any sugar content in it.

Before opening a can of Vemma Verve, shake the can carefully. Do not over shake or the juice will bubble up when you actually open it. If you just shake carefully, it will not bubble up like a can of soda would. If you do not shake it, the best part of the drink (the mangosteen bits) will be left behind in the can and you will not get all the health benefits that the Vemma Verve drink offers.

When drinking, you will feel energized and full so it is good for weight loss. It suppresses hunger so you will end up eating less and having lots of energy. They recommend that you drink this Vemma Verve (sugar free or the sugary version) three times  a day but it can get expensive if you do so you decide how often you want to drink based on your budget. See also Does Vemma Verve Help You Lose Weight?